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About Embark Project Services

You’ve picked the right place to start the journey for your new project! We understand that nothing is more frustrating to a homeowner than the uncertainty of building a new home or renovating a home they currently own. Embark takes the uncertainty and frustration out of the process with experience, honesty and communication.
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Embark Project Services

Residential Services

To assist you through the building process, we bring to the table over 55 years of construction, building code knowledge, cost savings ideas and an excellent safety record. All of this helps us reach the completion of your project quickly and efficiently. 
Embark understands the investments our customers make and we are honored by the trust they place in us. We’d love the opportunity to work with you.
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Electrical Services in Chattanooga TN

Electrical Services

Whether you need a custom house wired or a repair in a home or office you already own, we can help. Electrical upgrades, installation or repairs can be quick and easy with Embark. 
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Plumbing Services

We’re honored to serve the Chattanooga area and we want to be there when you need us most. So whether you’re pipes have burst, you need a new home done or it’s just routine maintenance, Embark would like to help.
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