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Residential FAQs

I’m ready to build, what now?

Obviously, the first thing you will need is property, the second is a home plan. If you are still trying to figure out your plan, that’s ok. We can help guide you through all the options with custom drafting services. After we know what you want, we will have a conversation about the level of finishes and your budget. From there, we can help guide you to finding the balance of cost vs. finishes within your budget. With the plan and budget finalized, we will provide you with a guaranteed price for the work and give you allowances for any final finish selections.  After this planning phase, we will move to construction during which you will be kept informed and proactively involved in making the final selections.

I need a room renovated, how much will you charge?

Honestly, that depends on decisions you make. We excel at giving options and letting you know what the impact of those options will have on the time and budget. It is our job to give you every available option so you can make informed decisions. Once you have narrowed the options to your preferences, we take a few days and carefully compile and estimate of the costs. We present those with options and allowances for any unknowns so you can still control the overall costs.

I think I have a mold problem, what can you tell me?

Yes. We are a Certified Mold Inspector. We can take air quality samples and have those analyzed by a certified lab. More important, however, is identifying the source of the mold. It doesn’t do anyone any good to go remove mold to only have it return. A proper inspection examines the entire situation. It’s our objective to permanently resolve issues by determining their source and making recommendations on how to fix the problem at that source.

My home is very old, do I have lead paint?

Homes built prior to 1978 require an EPA Certified Lead Renovator to conduct tests on the existing paint before renovation. If lead paint is present, specific guidelines must be followed by your renovator to ensure that material does not contaminate your home. We are certified to perform this type of work.

I want to add a room, is that possible?

That depends. Every lot has set back regulations. You must keep any structure a set distance from the front, back and side lot lines. In addition, the existence of any underground utilities and field lines could have a big impact. We are capable of researching these issues to ensure you remain compliant with government and subdivision regulations.

Can you add a 2nd floor to my home?

This is quite an invasive process on the overall home, but it can and has been done. We would love to meet with you, review your existing structure, and discuss the specifics on how this can be accomplished at your home.

I need financing, can you help?

Unfortunately, we do not do financing. We can, however, direct you to several lenders we have worked with in the past.

Do I have asbestos in my home?

Asbestos requires specialized testing. If you suspect you may have asbestos, it may require a certified contractor to remove it if it’s above a specified quantity. It’s best to have us look at the product in question and, if there’s any doubt, we can steer you to a qualified inspector to have the material tested and discuss what options there are.  Another option is to leave it in place and just encapsulate it, which would not require testing or removal.

What our clients say

  • Another fine job by Embark Project Services. Thank you Dick & Karen Durbin

  • Bought a new home with an unfinished bonus room. Got three bids for completion of the work and Emabark was the only one who was anywhere close to what the home builder told me it would take to complete the room. The others were three times the costs. Embark’s PM Matt was in constant contact […]

  • Embark Project Services met my budget concerns & completed the project ahead of schedule with quality craftsmanship. There were no surprises throughout the process. One word to describe our experience with Embark, professionalism! This was the smoothest & most professional remodeling project I have ever been involved in from start to finish.

  • Just a quick note that it is nearly impossible to surpass my wife’s expectations and you all most certainly did. She has many kind comments for the gentleman that did the work and result is fantastic. Many thanks and we will most definitely recommend and seek you out for future needs. Thank you.

  • The biggest benefit of using Embark for the remodeling project was the ease of getting in touch with them, the quick response time, and knowledgeable craftsmanship. We never had any worries or concerns about Embark. When asked to name 1 specific aspect of working with Embark that was most liked: 1.) timeliness of project 2.) […]

  • What has been the biggest benefit to you of using Embark for your project? Didn’t quit until the job was completed properly and Embark is easy to work with and professional. If you could name one specific aspect of working with Embark that you like the most what would it be? Their workers work fast […]

  • Embark Project Services built our North Chattanooga home in roughly eight months from groundbreaking to move-in in 2014. We chose the firm mostly on a hunch after interviewing Mike and talking to his references, as well as after interviewing several other builders. Although we have no idea what might have happened had we chosen another […]

  • (Specifically the biggest benefit of using Embark is) peace of mind that the work was very good quality. (Before you started your home remodeling project, did you have any worries or concerns that have since been overcome based on your experience with Embark) yes, this is the only project we have completed in 9 years […]

  • The biggest benefit of using Embark Project Services is a “professional job and great workers”. Initially our main concern was about “quality, but we received quality work!” The best aspect of working with Embark Project Services that we liked the most is that Embark is “easy to work with on issues and ideas.”

  • Embark was pleasant, courteous, punctual, and always cleaned up on a daily basis. Most important was top notch quality work! We will always use Embark for future projects. Danny, Gizmo, and Matt are the BEST! Danny would always respond quickly to our phone messages. One time, I called the business number in a panic because […]

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